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Never get banned again Surf anonymously
Automate any task Access millions of IPs

Why are we the Stars Best?

Shiftproxy offers the most customizable experience, advanced proxy features and
millions of IP addresses to automate tasks.

High Speed

We have direct connections with tier-1 ISPs allowing us to serve data at 10GBPS to anywhere in the world.

Global Proxies

Our proxy network offers millions of unique IP addresses over various countries, cities and ISPs.

High Anonymity

Our proxies support http/s & socks5 protocols, which is excellent for users who require a high level of anonymity.

Expert Support

Our team of experts is available anytime to support you in your online journey of data collection.

Private Proxies

The proxies you purchase are exclusive to our service, meaning you can scrape data feely with private proxies.

Unblocked Anywhere

Our web servers allow any traffic so that you can access content unrestricted without any worries of being blocked.

Shiftproxy dashboard

Get access to the
Best Dashboard Experience.

The Shiftproxy dashboard is any client's dream, with the ability to customize proxies to your liking and manage plans with a single click.

  • Instant Delivery
  • Manage Orders
  • Track Usage
  • Generate Proxies
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Proxies for all your Star Needs

We offer highly customizable plans that allow additional bandwidth or concurrent connections without hassle.
All Shiftproxy plans have the ability to utilize rotating or sticky proxies.


  • 10,000+ AT&T ISP Proxies
  • Unlimited Concurrent Connections
  • Up to 10GBPS Speeds
  • Countries: USA
  • Protocols: Http/s & Socks5
Starting from $5.99

  • 40,000+ Datacenter Proxies
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Up to 1GBPS Speeds
  • Countries: 8+ Available
  • Protocols: Http/s & Socks5
Starting from $5.99

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Grab free proxies in just a few clicks, or check a proxy list for free with the Shiftproxy proxy checker.

Proxies for all your Star Use Cases

Achieve all your goals with the industry-leading proxy provider that works with any use case.

Martket Research
  • Case Scraping
  • Case Ad Verification
  • Case Affiliate Testing
  • Case SEO
  • Case Travel fare
  • Case Price aggregation
Social Media
  • Case Instagram
  • Case Pinterest
  • Case Twitter
  • Case Reddit
  • Case Facebook
  • Case YouTube
  • Case Sneakers
  • Case ebay
  • Case Shopify
  • Case Craigslist
  • Case Amazon

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What our customers Stars say

We strive to provide the best customer experiences. See what some of our customers think about Shiftproxy.

“The ISP proxies from Shiftproxy are excellent for my use cases. Works on many sites without any blocks.”

Kelly Estrada

“Service is fairly good but support can take long to respond.”

Jason A. Dameron

“AT&T proxies are good for anything that needs residential. Chill support and many features for the proxy.”

Megan Barney


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