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Do you have any blocked sites?

Our ISP proxy product does not have any sites blocked by us. Our Datacenter proxies may have sites blocked by us. Althought Shiftproxy does not intend to block many sites, you may rarely experience rate-limits of blocks from external sites.

Do you support the SOCKS protocol?

Yes, all Shiftproxy plans support the HTTP/s & SOCKS5 protocols. We recommend using the SOCKS5 proxies for most use cases.

What's the difference between a "rotating proxy" and "sticky proxies"?

The rotating proxy is a gateway proxy which provides a new IP address for each new TCP request.The sticky proxies are a list of proxies that keep the same outgoing IP address; each sticky proxy is associated one outgoing IP address.

What kind of proxy authentication is available?

All the Shiftproxy products utilize Basic authentication (a.k.a username:password). With username:password authentication you will be required to enter your proxy credentials with the proxy hostname:port.

Do you offer trial proxy plans?

Yes, we offer paid trial plans which begin at $5.99. If you'd like to try our service, it's highly recommended you purchase a trial plan.

Do you offer free proxies?

Yes, we offer free proxies! These proxies are available for anyone to use. Please note that our paid proxy plans are significantly better quality.

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